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An amazing view of the Pacific Ocean! ūüėć

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2015 has been the year of travel for me, and I’m loving every minute of it!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit for work filming / photographing events, and heading to New York City for meetings. ¬†Last week I traveled to Portland Oregon, not for work but for a family trip with my Mum. My uncle and aunt live there and we had an amazing time in the land of the moss and the green! That’s what I kept calling it at least, but more on¬†all of these travels later.

Here are a few of my favorite things around the web this week.

  • I’m a major BBC Radio 1 fan ( always have, always will) and this mashup has been on repeat. ¬†
  • These packing cubes really have been a life saver for me. ¬†So easy to pack for multiple stops and different climates. ¬†When I flew into Philadelphia it was 90 but when I went to Portland it was in the 50’s.
  • Read Beautiful Ruins¬†on my flight to the west coast, I can’t believe It took so long to read a book about Italy in the 60’s and Hollywood.
  • This has been the playlist¬†I’ve been listening to constantly while in the air, or driving from place A to place B.
  • This pilot recounts every moment on his flight from London to Tokyo. Such an interesting read!¬†( Plus a great page layout)

Have a great weekend! I have a 3 day weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled to relax, finish up my posts on Portland and head to the beach!


Going back in time: To the beginning of May

Hello world! It’s me Brooke! Today I’ll be trying to keep up with this blog agian and to kick it off… ¬†I’m going to do a post that was written in May, but do to a ¬†hectic summer (and not wanting to go outside for fear of melting) I must have lost this post.¬† This is a post I wrote after my friends graduated from college and we took a graduation trip to Maine.¬† I wrote this ¬†back in the beginning of May. Whoops.

Let’s go back in time to May 2013! ( After the jump)

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Sintra Was a Fairy Tale

I know I’m being horrible with the posting, but now that I’m in the swing of my new job, I will make sure to dedicate my time to this blog.

I discovered this iPad app the other day called iFont Maker¬†and I am in love with it! i’m trying to make cool fonts to use on photos and I think I created the right one! All you have to do is use a stylus and make all the letters in the alphabet. It then turns it into a ttf file that you can email. Very simple!

As I’m planning more posts, here is something I made with my new font!

This photo was taken in Sintra Portugal in March of 2011 when I was on Spring Break.    Whenever I look at this picture I become aware of just how great traveling is!  Have a great Wednesday!

Travel… Oh How You Excite Me!

I¬†have some exciting news concerning this blog! Since I won’t’ be having any exotic foreign travel pictures, and I feel silly for 1) Not keeping this blog while I was abroad, and 2) posting old photos unless it’s a city guide (they are actually in the works) so I‚Äôve decide to come up with a new idea. I will be posting travel inspiration boards on where I want to go and what I want to do whilst there. I’ve been watching copious amounts of No Reservations, and reading new travel blogs such as “The Everywhereist” and “The Traveletts” I‚Äôve been in dire need to explore. This week I will start creating the boards and hopefully by the weekend I’ll have them up and ready to go! I also have some other ideas up my sleeves,¬†which¬†i’m pretty excited about!

Interesting Cruises I want to take

Cruises were never something that really interested me. ¬†I’d much rather board a plane then take a cruise. I like to explore and learn right away, not spend a lot of time on a ship.

However, there are some cruises I would like to try like, one is a cruise that travels around the Mediterranean some others are unique ones that companies like Turner Classic Movies,  and National Geographic organize which really would be interesting!

However, there are some cruises I would like to try like, one is  a crusie that travels around the Mediterranean some others are unique ones that companies like Turner Classic Movies,  and National Geographic organize which really would be interesting!

1.  Turner Classic Movies

This cruise takes you on a journey starting at¬†Miami¬†and making ti’s away throught Key West and ¬†Cozumel.¬†On this cruise you are joined with the TCM host, ¬†Robert Osborne, along with the weekend-daytime host, Ben Mankiewicz and¬† Hollywood legends.

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