The First Road Trip Of The Summer: Manchester Vt

First off real is in quotations because I never decided to drive off and go on an adventure on a whim before. Second, this adventure was  inspired by my love for fashion and the designer Betsey Johnson.

On Sunday, Jimmy, Julia and I took a trip down to Manchester Vermont for one reason.  Betsey Johnson.   I have always loved Betsey Johnson’s clothes and was devastated to see that she filed for Bankruptcy. All over Facebook and Twitter I see her posting these massive sales going on both online and at her stores.  Back in Pennsylvania there is a Betsey Johnson retail store at the mall, but there are none in Vermont… so I thought.  I saw her post how her outlets are going to be an extra 40% off and I had to find one nearby.  Little did I Know that at the Manchester Outlets they have a Betsey Johnson store! I nearly stood up from desk during my lunch break and do a dance for joy! I looked and saw that’s it’s 2 1/2 hours away, but as what Jimmy said “It’s worth it”.  He’s pretty cool isn’t he? And so our journey to Manchester began… We left Burlington around 10: 30 and after driving 45 minutes we stopped in Waitsfield to pick up my friend Julia. We had bottles of seltzer, chips and music and we were ready to go!

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Travel… Oh How You Excite Me!

I have some exciting news concerning this blog! Since I won’t’ be having any exotic foreign travel pictures, and I feel silly for 1) Not keeping this blog while I was abroad, and 2) posting old photos unless it’s a city guide (they are actually in the works) so I’ve decide to come up with a new idea. I will be posting travel inspiration boards on where I want to go and what I want to do whilst there. I’ve been watching copious amounts of No Reservations, and reading new travel blogs such as “The Everywhereist” and “The Traveletts” I’ve been in dire need to explore. This week I will start creating the boards and hopefully by the weekend I’ll have them up and ready to go! I also have some other ideas up my sleeves, which i’m pretty excited about!

New Exciting Chapter Brings New Exciting Things!

Why hello there! Sorry I’ve been so distant here is what has been happening in a nutshell.  I graduated college, landed a full-time job, is searching for apartments, and hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, I’ve also been enjoying the perfect weather up here and swimming in the lake!

Due to just graduating, and landing a full-time job i am not going to Europe as of right now… but maybe next summer? At least I hope so!  I can however say that a trip to NYC, Boston, and to the nearest Betsey Johnson Outlet (surprisingly In Vermont!) are all in store for me this summer thanks to Megabus of course!  Words can’t express just how awesome it is to have Megabus in Vermont.

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My Current Travel Playlist: Walking around Montreal and Burlington

The Travel Playlist has returned! Here is what I’m listening to:

  • “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia:  I am obsessed with this song.  When I was on the bus on my way to Montreal, I swear this song was playing out perfectly to the ride.  (I should note that I was on a Greyhound Bus, and due to the lack of sleep of that week, this was something the blew my mind!) This is a great get up and move song!

Yet Another Long Delay

Once again I apologize for being so absent in the posts.  The final semester of my college career is finally coming to a close.  I wrapped up my internship at WCAX-TV last week and am really sad that I will no longer be interning there.  I had so much fun going around Burlington and editing  pieces for the 6 O’clock news on Saturdays.  You can check out just what I’ve done here! 

Not only have I completed my internship, but I have also completed my  demo reel for class, acquired a full time job (before graduation mind you!) and managed to not get extremely stressed! I currently only have two more finals to go and am very excited about that!  This weekend will kick off Senior Week, something that Champlain College offers where we get to go on a cruise  on Lake Champlain, go to Six Flags and go to a Red Sox game! I can’t wait for all the fun! I’ve worked really hard these past few months and cannot wait to get out in the real world! I also am excited because all my friends who are currently studying abroad, are going to be back in Burlington soon! I am very excited for graduation and the senior week festivities, but really I just can’t wait to be reunited with the gang! (this is where I would insert a picture of all us… but I don’t have any… this needs to change) 

This past semester I did some traveling, mostly around vermont  and a trip to Montreal! For my Photojournalism final I created a “24 hours in Montreal”, The whole time I was there  it was over cast so the pictures don’t pop up as mush as I would like.  But this is for your enjoyment! I plan on making more guides like this on other cities that I have been to, maybe I will have some more free time in the near future.

* The copy right now bounces around, but the final product will be much better! This draft is more for photo purposes. *

I have also added some pictures of beautiful Vermont, and a delicious crepe I had in montreal,  I am very excited to stay here for another year!

March and April in Montreal and Burlington. Yes it did snow during my spring break!

More updates on Burlington and the summer to come! 

Interesting Cruises I want to take

Cruises were never something that really interested me.  I’d much rather board a plane then take a cruise. I like to explore and learn right away, not spend a lot of time on a ship.

However, there are some cruises I would like to try like, one is a cruise that travels around the Mediterranean some others are unique ones that companies like Turner Classic Movies,  and National Geographic organize which really would be interesting!

However, there are some cruises I would like to try like, one is  a crusie that travels around the Mediterranean some others are unique ones that companies like Turner Classic Movies,  and National Geographic organize which really would be interesting!

1.  Turner Classic Movies

This cruise takes you on a journey starting at Miami and making ti’s away throught Key West and  Cozumel. On this cruise you are joined with the TCM host,  Robert Osborne, along with the weekend-daytime host, Ben Mankiewicz and  Hollywood legends.

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