Procrastination leads to many blog Ideas… but very few actual posts

I know, I know, I am horrible at keeping promises and even worse at posting. I really don’t know how all of those bloggers do it! My June however has been very busy, at least for my standards, now with no school I suddenly have free time!

I realized that  It’s much easier to give you bullet points  of what I’ve been up to then to and then spend time working on all the other posts I have in mind.  This weekend I will not travel, and will be sitting down, and finally finishing  up the 6 posts that I have begun to write, that’s right ladies and gentlemen 6! So here’s a quick overview of my month and some pictures!


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Travel… Oh How You Excite Me!

I have some exciting news concerning this blog! Since I won’t’ be having any exotic foreign travel pictures, and I feel silly for 1) Not keeping this blog while I was abroad, and 2) posting old photos unless it’s a city guide (they are actually in the works) so I’ve decide to come up with a new idea. I will be posting travel inspiration boards on where I want to go and what I want to do whilst there. I’ve been watching copious amounts of No Reservations, and reading new travel blogs such as “The Everywhereist” and “The Traveletts” I’ve been in dire need to explore. This week I will start creating the boards and hopefully by the weekend I’ll have them up and ready to go! I also have some other ideas up my sleeves, which i’m pretty excited about!

New Exciting Chapter Brings New Exciting Things!

Why hello there! Sorry I’ve been so distant here is what has been happening in a nutshell.  I graduated college, landed a full-time job, is searching for apartments, and hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, I’ve also been enjoying the perfect weather up here and swimming in the lake!

Due to just graduating, and landing a full-time job i am not going to Europe as of right now… but maybe next summer? At least I hope so!  I can however say that a trip to NYC, Boston, and to the nearest Betsey Johnson Outlet (surprisingly In Vermont!) are all in store for me this summer thanks to Megabus of course!  Words can’t express just how awesome it is to have Megabus in Vermont.

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A Blog Vacation

Sorry for not writing for awhile… I’ve been so busy with classes and the play that I manage. Thankfully, long video project and play pracices and performances have commenced, and I can now come back to focusing on “What Would Magellan Do?”!

To begin, my other job on campus apart from managing the shows,is to work on in the study abroad office. While working there I have come up with a few video ideas for making the program grow, and to make both students and parents either current of prospective, to look into going abroad! This leads me to some VERY exciting news…

I will be going to Morocco this Spring Break!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that did need it’s own paragraph and many explanation points! I am so excited about it! I’ve wanted to go to Morocco forever, I honestly want to say since I was 10, because I remember having a picture up on my wall of it. I’m getting to go here because there is a class offered at Champlain which allows students to go to Morroco during spring break and learn about the culture and apply it to their major! What could be better for a girl wanting to go into travel journalism? I am beyond excited, and can not wait till the spring! Now I just need to get through these classes!

New Zealand Haka Flash Mob

New Zealand is getting all excited for the Rugby World Cup which will begin this friday, the 9th, in New Zealand. To celebrate fans created a flash mob of the famous Haka which is a traditional Maori (tribe of New Zealand) dance that the New Zealand All Blacks perform before every match to intimidate the apposing team.

Fans throughout New Zealand randomly appeared at shopping centers, and streets all began to do the traditional dance.

Here is the link from the BBC where I found out about it:

Photo Credits: Mary Swankster

Travel is Apart of Me

The Cliffs of Moher

As Stated before, my name is Brooke and I am a senior studying broadcasting. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with the idea of traveling to every part of the world and learning new cultures. I was brought up in a house where we were are very international.  I grew up knowing people from both Mexico and France, and picking up sayings and parts of their cultures.  This is what makes who I am, and from a very little age I wanted to learn more about other people’s cultures.  Here is an example of how I was brought up.
A typical Sunday in the Stuart house:
 It’s 7 am on a Sunday morning; my parents, dog and I are all gathered around the television waiting for kick off. Not American Football, like most families, but Arsenal, the soccer team apart of the Barclay’s Premiere League from England.  We watch the game, and at half time my dad makes breakfast, usually potatoes, bacon and some sort of style of egg, it’s always delicious, my mom makes tea. The second half of game we are cheering for our Gunners. After the game we get ready for the day, and start to get ready for when my Grandfather and Godmother come over for our weekly Sunday Night dinner. When preparing dinner, my dad plays music, usually classical, French, or Brazilian; it all depends on his mood. We are all usually humming or dancing when we hear the music. If someone sneezes we either reply saying  “gazuntite” or  “salute!”.
Now I just want to see more and experience more.