Under Construction

under construction

I feel like this blog is slowing becoming a pop-up store. I post every once in a while, then come out with a few,  and then go back into a hiatus.

I’m currently writing and working on post ideas for this blog. (really I am) I have some fun ideas, I just need to take sometime out of my day, and work on them! Wish me luck!



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My Current Travel Playlist: Walking around Montreal and Burlington

The Travel Playlist has returned! Here is what I’m listening to:

  • “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia:  I am obsessed with this song.  When I was on the bus on my way to Montreal, I swear this song was playing out perfectly to the ride.  (I should note that I was on a Greyhound Bus, and due to the lack of sleep of that week, this was something the blew my mind!) This is a great get up and move song!

Interesting Cruises I want to take

Cruises were never something that really interested me.  I’d much rather board a plane then take a cruise. I like to explore and learn right away, not spend a lot of time on a ship.

However, there are some cruises I would like to try like, one is a cruise that travels around the Mediterranean some others are unique ones that companies like Turner Classic Movies,  and National Geographic organize which really would be interesting!

However, there are some cruises I would like to try like, one is  a crusie that travels around the Mediterranean some others are unique ones that companies like Turner Classic Movies,  and National Geographic organize which really would be interesting!

1.  Turner Classic Movies

This cruise takes you on a journey starting at Miami and making ti’s away throught Key West and  Cozumel. On this cruise you are joined with the TCM host,  Robert Osborne, along with the weekend-daytime host, Ben Mankiewicz and  Hollywood legends.

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A Love Story: Cities and Me

I am a romantic for when it comes to cities.  I love the history, the lights, and the architecture. These things are what stands out  to me whenever I go somewhere.

I recently watched the Woody Allen movie “Midnight In Paris” and cannot stop thinking about it!  The movie has the main character, Gille, played by Owen Wilson,  who is in love with Paris and loves walking around at night.  At midnight a car pulls up and takes him to the 1920’s where he meets F. Scott Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, and Hemingway being marveled by meeting his idols.

If only it was possible to go  back in time. I know I would be in cloud nine walking around Paris in the 30’s or London in the 60’s.  Owen Wilson’s character Gill says a line that summons up how I feel about cities.

“You look around and every street, every boulevard, is its own special art form and when you think that in the cold, violent, meaningless universe that Paris exists, these lights, I mean come on, there’s nothing happening on Jupiter or Neptune, but from way out in space you can see these lights, the cafés, people drinking and singing. For all we know, Paris is the hottest spot in the universe.”

I travel not to add countries to my list but to experience new cultures and life. Every city I go to I find the magic and this is why I encourage everyone I meet  to travel. To find true love in places that they never knew of.

My Most Memorable Moment of 2011 in Travel

“I am currently on the train heading back from… Amsterdam! I spent a total of two hours there. What did I do? I went to Anne Frank’s house! “ This was my entry in to my journal for the 1st April, 2011. I have been wanting to see her house for ages.  Many people were and still are shocked that the prime reason for me wanting to go to Amsterdam was for Anne Frank’s house. To understand you would have to go back to the seventh grade. The year we read three passages from her Diary in class. I was inspired and hooked.

I loved writing journals, and grew up learning and watching World War II movies. My copy of The Diary of a Young Girl is now falling apart due to the amount of reading it has gone through over the past eight years.  I  knew that the one thing I had to do while I was studying abroad, was to see Anne Frank’s house.  I tried to get my friends to come along but they didn’t want to spend the money… so I went by myself. I was only in Amsterdam for 2 hours, and those hours were spent reading every display and walking around the Anne Frank Museum. Continue reading

Travel Fashion Friday: Dublin

I decided to take the easy root in launching Friday Fashion day,  I decided to go with the city I lived in last spring… Dublin! When going to Dublin I didn’t know what to expect, I sort of assumed it to be like London, or Boston, but I was proven wrong. I realized that it is very stylish and very unique. The fashion there isn’t always over the top, but people still like to bring out their personal style.  Tights and boots were a great staple to many outfits, along with tights and Brogues. The looks they had were simple and had bursts of colors when they wore black. One brand I found to be everywhere that I never heard of was “Paul’s Boutique“.

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