Sintra Was a Fairy Tale

I know I’m being horrible with the posting, but now that I’m in the swing of my new job, I will make sure to dedicate my time to this blog.

I discovered this iPad app the other day called iFont Maker and I am in love with it! i’m trying to make cool fonts to use on photos and I think I created the right one! All you have to do is use a stylus and make all the letters in the alphabet. It then turns it into a ttf file that you can email. Very simple!

As I’m planning more posts, here is something I made with my new font!

This photo was taken in Sintra Portugal in March of 2011 when I was on Spring Break.    Whenever I look at this picture I become aware of just how great traveling is!  Have a great Wednesday!


The Perfect Moment

There is always that moment when you are either someplace old or new and  everything just lines into place.  Everything for that moment feels perfect.  In March when I was in Portugal, eating pizza on a terrace over looking Lisbon, I felt like I was in a dream. The weather was 70 degrees, there was a blue sky with clouds, on top of the Santa Justa Elevator over looking Lisbon, and hearing Kal Robson  playing  the Portuguese music that I grew up listening to, and eating delicious bread and olives.  This moment will always be with me and am so grateful for my that hour I spent at the Bella Lisa.   Continue reading

Top 3 Hostels in Europe To Check Out

Photo Credit: Living In A Hostel

I used to think that hostels were to be unclean, with rooms filled with people with barely any floor room. In 2006 when I went to Australia, the group I traveled with stayed at a hostel in Darwin and it certainly made me realize that hostels weren’t these massive rooms filled to the brim with people.  It was very clean and had four person rooms. They were however extremely strict banning men from the women’s floor and vice versa.  The mattresses had rubber lining and the shower was a showerhead on the wall of the bathroom.  My view on hostels were not stealer, and I would much rather stay at a hotel.

Now let’s fast forward five years, and I am in Europe for the semester, wanting to make the most of my time abroad.  I discovered just how great hostels can be, and how the stereotype should be thrown out.  I met some great people while staying in them and learned so much about culture and enjoyed how I was confined to my room. Here are the top 3 hostels I stayed at.
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