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Back in the Saddle Again | Things From The Web

An amazing view of the Pacific Ocean! ūüėć

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2015 has been the year of travel for me, and I’m loving every minute of it!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit for work filming / photographing events, and heading to New York City for meetings. ¬†Last week I traveled to Portland Oregon, not for work but for a family trip with my Mum. My uncle and aunt live there and we had an amazing time in the land of the moss and the green! That’s what I kept calling it at least, but more on¬†all of these travels later.

Here are a few of my favorite things around the web this week.

  • I’m a major BBC Radio 1 fan ( always have, always will) and this mashup has been on repeat. ¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vARBXU59BPw
  • These packing cubes really have been a life saver for me. ¬†So easy to pack for multiple stops and different climates. ¬†When I flew into Philadelphia it was 90 but when I went to Portland it was in the 50’s.
  • Read Beautiful Ruins¬†on my flight to the west coast, I can’t believe It took so long to read a book about Italy in the 60’s and Hollywood.
  • This has been the playlist¬†I’ve been listening to constantly while in the air, or driving from place A to place B.
  • This pilot recounts every moment on his flight from London to Tokyo. Such an interesting read!¬†( Plus a great page layout)

Have a great weekend! I have a 3 day weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled to relax, finish up my posts on Portland and head to the beach!


The #1 Reason why I love Vermont

The sunsets.


I feel like every sunset I see/photograph gets better and better. Vermont can be pretty unbearable at times during the colder months, and I feel like these sunsets are Mother Nature‚Äôs way of saying ‚ÄúI‚Äôm sorry I was so persnickety. Here‚Äôs a beautiful painting to say sorry.‚ÄĚ

This sunset was taken 2 weeks ago at Oakledge Park where my friends and I made S’mores, played with Google Glass, and talked till the stars came out.

I hope you‚Äôre enjoying your summer adventures as much as I‚Äôve been. I know there’s been some hard core radio silence¬†on this end, and I want to change this. I’m just searching for the best direction to take this blog in. ¬† What‚Äôs your favorite thing that your home offers?

Going back in time: To the beginning of May

Hello world! It’s me Brooke! Today I’ll be trying to keep up with this blog agian and to kick it off… ¬†I’m going to do a post that was written in May, but do to a ¬†hectic summer (and not wanting to go outside for fear of melting) I must have lost this post.¬† This is a post I wrote after my friends graduated from college and we took a graduation trip to Maine.¬† I wrote this ¬†back in the beginning of May. Whoops.

Let’s go back in time to May 2013! ( After the jump)

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Under Construction

under construction

I feel like this blog is slowing becoming a pop-up store. I post every once in a while, then come out with a few,  and then go back into a hiatus.

I’m currently writing and working on post ideas for this blog. (really I am) I have some fun ideas, I just need to take sometime out of my day, and work on them! Wish me luck!



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Sintra Was a Fairy Tale

I know I’m being horrible with the posting, but now that I’m in the swing of my new job, I will make sure to dedicate my time to this blog.

I discovered this iPad app the other day called iFont Maker¬†and I am in love with it! i’m trying to make cool fonts to use on photos and I think I created the right one! All you have to do is use a stylus and make all the letters in the alphabet. It then turns it into a ttf file that you can email. Very simple!

As I’m planning more posts, here is something I made with my new font!

This photo was taken in Sintra Portugal in March of 2011 when I was on Spring Break.    Whenever I look at this picture I become aware of just how great traveling is!  Have a great Wednesday!

Procrastination leads to many blog Ideas… but very few actual posts

I know, I know, I am horrible at keeping promises and even worse at posting. I really don’t know how all of those bloggers do it! My June however has been very busy, at least for my standards, now with no school I¬†suddenly¬†have free time!

I realized that ¬†It’s much easier to give you bullet points ¬†of what I’ve been up to then to and then spend time working on all the other posts I have in mind. ¬†This weekend I will not travel, and will be sitting down, and finally finishing ¬†up the¬†6 posts that I have begun to write, that’s right ladies and¬†gentlemen¬†6! So here’s a quick overview of my month and some pictures!


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Morocco: Inspiration Board

Here is the first inspiration board, and it’s of…Morocco! Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve wanted to go to Morocco for a very long time. You may even recall a post announcing I was going to morocco, well as you can guess‚Ķ that fell through. We technically didn’t have enough students to go on the trip. I was beyond upset. Anyhow, I WILL get to Morocco one of these days. ¬†I am far too determined to give up that dream.

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