Going back in time: To the beginning of May

Hello world! It’s me Brooke! Today I’ll be trying to keep up with this blog agian and to kick it off…  I’m going to do a post that was written in May, but do to a  hectic summer (and not wanting to go outside for fear of melting) I must have lost this post.  This is a post I wrote after my friends graduated from college and we took a graduation trip to Maine.  I wrote this  back in the beginning of May. Whoops.

Let’s go back in time to May 2013! ( After the jump)

May 2013: This past weekend I went to a cabin in Maine with my close friends.  One of my friend’s parents owns a cottage on a pond that they rent out.  Since everyone, except for me, graduated this year, they let us stay there! We spent the days enjoying the sunshine, making s’mores riding a 1927 fire engine around town(I KNOW RIGHT?!?!) , exploring Camden and eating lobster rolls. With very odd living arrangements, and the process of moving into a new apartment (This Week!), life has been hectic and some R&R was very much needed.   It honestly was the perfect weekend.

Do you have moments when you smile too much and your face hurts?  That was this weekend.

I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have these goofs in my life. I honestly don’t know how I survived my last semester of college (2012) without them.   I love you guys like no other.  Thanks for the years of laughs.

Here are some pictures from Graduation and Maine!

maine and graduation photos





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