Procrastination leads to many blog Ideas… but very few actual posts

I know, I know, I am horrible at keeping promises and even worse at posting. I really don’t know how all of those bloggers do it! My June however has been very busy, at least for my standards, now with no school I suddenly have free time!

I realized that  It’s much easier to give you bullet points  of what I’ve been up to then to and then spend time working on all the other posts I have in mind.  This weekend I will not travel, and will be sitting down, and finally finishing  up the 6 posts that I have begun to write, that’s right ladies and gentlemen 6! So here’s a quick overview of my month and some pictures!


The List: 

        • Searching frantically for an apartment
        • Actually getting an apartment!
        • Doing fun things at my job
        • Seeing friends I haven’t seen in  a year
        • Hanging out with friends in Burlington
        • Drinking ice cold  tuareg tea at Dobra’s 
        • Going camping  ( for the first time!)
        • Going to Boston
        • Cleaning apartment
        • Watching as many Euro 2012 games as I can
        • Extreme pinning on Pinterest for work and getting very  crafty
        • intensive blog reading —  The Traveletts, The Everywhereist, The Daybook etc…
        • Melting in the heat
        • Going to Ben & Jerry’s and walking around the waterfront to cool down
        • Fixing my internet
        • watching ALL of episodes of Community it’s  so “cool cool cool”
        • Saw the movie Brave
        • Learning how to wear neon colors and not looking like a Lisa Frank folder
        • Coming up with blog posts about my past travels and future posts
        • Learned how to braid! Yes, that’s right, I am  22 years old and can now French braid! Not to mention I can braid my bangs like  Natalie from “Nat The Fat Ratshows here!

Fingers crossed that this rainy cool Vermont weather holds up for at least one post to be complete! In the mean time… check out this great article I read on Travelettes, 100 Little Things That Travel Has Taught Me.  Have a great rest of the week!


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