Morocco: Inspiration Board

Here is the first inspiration board, and it’s of…Morocco! Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve wanted to go to Morocco for a very long time. You may even recall a post announcing I was going to morocco, well as you can guess… that fell through. We technically didn’t have enough students to go on the trip. I was beyond upset. Anyhow, I WILL get to Morocco one of these days.  I am far too determined to give up that dream.

I really want to go to Marrakech.  I want to walk around the markets, smell the spices, see the colors, and taste delicious food.  I remember watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer on the Travel Channel and he had an avocado drink that was somewhat like a milkshake.  One thing you should know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados.  If something has avocados in it, I will most likely love it. I want to try the exotic foods and marvel at the architecture, and see all the colors that Morocco has to offer. I want to try real tuareg tea, not the tea I can get in Burlington, which is very good, but I want to have it in Morocco.  I want to go to the dessert and see the sunset; I’ve heard that the sky has a purple hue to it. I want to experience all of these things and be able to say that I’ve finally been to Morocco.

When I was in Portugal, staying at the Traveller’s House,  I met this couple that was on route to Morocco to take a camel tour of Morocco, and camp in the desert. Overall I am more of a city girl, growing up with the opportunity to stay in fantastic hotels, but when they mentioned the idea of camping in a desert, in Morocco I was most definitely intrigued. I just have the craving to explore and Moroccan is on the top of my list.  Who knows, maybe this time last year I WILL be able to say I’ve been to Morocco! In the meantime, I will dream of it, and add more to what I want to see whilst there!


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